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Dylan Evans
Dylan Evans, Boom25 Ambassador / YouTube Comedian

“You could have bought an iPad, a beats pill or even a fungal foot spray.
There's nothing to lose!
You can only win!
So yeah, good luck and enjoy!"

Giora Mandel
Giora Mandel,
Co-Founder said:

“We want to put the thrill back into online shopping by giving people the opportunity to win back the cash they’ve spent online.Traditional cashback sites are boring, we want to change it! I invite you to try Boom25 today, there’s no risk and no extra cost."

  • “Oh my god.. it's so much fun!“

    A mate from uni told me that I should buy with Boom25 because I’m always going a bit nuts on the Internet. She was bang on. I bought a pair of Raybans and a week later, I got an email saying that I was the 25th customer. The money was waiting for me in my Paypal account. Yay!

    - Darren Curnow, Manchester
  • ”It's just...brill!”

    My friends were always talking about Boom25 but I didn’t know what they were on about. Now I know, and it’s really addictive!

    - Sarah Moore, Birmingham
  • “Simple, simple, simple.“

    I didn’t buy anything yet, but the site is dead easy. Just choose a shop you like, buy what you want and you’ve got a one in 25 chance of winning your money back. Simples!

    - Kathryn Gibson, London


Boom25 adds the thrill back into earning cash back for online shopping! Just search for a retailer, click on the link and shop. The retailer will notify us as soon as you make a purchase and BOOM-if you’re 25th in line we’ll refund you for the purchase, no matter how large or small!

It’s as simple as that! There are no membership fees and nothing to lose. You could win money back for whatever you’re buying online: a designer dress, a smartphone, ever your next holiday – just shop and play!


By clicking on our link to your chosen retailer, you’re automatically entered with a chance of winning as soon as you make a purchase! We collect a pot of cash ready for our lucky Boom 25 winners with commission accrued from our partner retailers. Winnings are paid out to every 25th shopper... whether it’s for a bag of sweets or a flight to Barbados!

All you need is an email address (so we can alert you of your winnings). If you’re the next Boom 25 winner, we’ll send you the cash via a safe and secure PayPal transaction.


Cashback sites might send you a quid or two…eventually. Loyalty cards might give you a few pounds here and there, but where’s the fun in that? What if you could win the whole lot…? Enjoy the thrill of the likelihood of earning cash back when online shopping with Boom25 – we’ll give you the chance of winning a decent cash prize. Just buy what you were going to buy anyway, and you could be quids in!


Every 25th shopper – BOOM! – free money. Sounds like fun? Imagine you just got a £1400 for a hotel stay in Paris or a a £400 refund for anew smartphone! Boom25 provides the highest likelihood of earning cash back when you shop online. Why not give it a shot?

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