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BOOM25 is an online shopping platform that allows consumers to shop whilst also entering into a draw where they have a 1:25 chance of reclaiming up to a full refund on their cart.

At BOOM25, every 25th customer is eligible to reclaim up to a full refund on their whole cart!

How BOOM25 Works?


Step 1

You can choose over 1000 shops you _CashBack

Why Boom25?

  • We work across multiple categories from food, fashion, electronics, and travel with 1000+ retailers to give you a thrilling experience.
  • All wins are sent securely to your PayPal account._CashBack
  • Customers' Winnings £1,717,548, Largest Cashback Win £5,709, Our Community 505,376
  • We’re FREE to join with no hidden fees and no hidden charges
BOOM25 (UK) LIMITED. Registered in England and Wales, registration number 10539194. Registered office address: Suite 1, 3rd Floor 11-12 St. James’s Square London SW1Y 4LB Data Protection registration ZA251635