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How It Works

Now You Can Get Money Back from Shopping Online

Shoppers across Britain love a good deal. And why not? Money saved is money earned, and that’s great for your back pocket. Everybody talks a good game about how to save money shopping online, or how to earn money when you’re buying at your favourite retail store. But what’s the deal? How can you really get cashback for shopping online? Boom25 conjured up a unique concept: Navigate to your favourite online retailer through Boom25, and shop as you would normally. Here’s where things get interesting: Every purchase that is made automatically enters you into a system where you stand a chance to get cashback on your purchases.

How Do I Get Money Back from Online Shopping?

Boom25 has an agreement with partner retailers whereby commissions are paid for every customer who makes a purchase through the service. Boom25 sets money aside from these commissions to pay for the purchases of every 25 th shopper. And here’s the good news: it doesn’t matter what you bought online – a pair of athletic shoes or a round-trip ticket to Cancun Mexico – you will get money back when you shop online. Payments will be made via PayPal – no questions are asked. Now that you know what Boom25 is offering, it’s worth examining how other cashback programs around the world operate.

Can You Save Money Online Shopping?

Yes! There is significant savings potential when shopping online. For starters, the comfort, convenience and cost effectiveness of shopping online beats the mad rush at the supermarket, retail outlet, or store you are looking to frequent. It is possible to save £100s on an annual basis by carefully selecting the right cashback sites to work with. With cashback, your money savings are returned to you after the purchase has been made. Provided you’re working with a reputable company, you can trust them to pay you what is due to you. Let’s briefly look at how cashback sites work before you sign up to one:

  • Find a reputable cashback site such as Boom25 and look at the list of supported e- commerce platforms.
  • Ensure that the cashback site is free to register for and does not require any annual fees to maintain an account with them.
  • Create a username/password combination, verify your account details, and keep them safe.
  • Be sure to read the fine print of cashback sites before you sign up for one in a willy-nilly fashion. Things to look for include the minimum threshold for withdrawing cashback, the timeframe it takes, and the available banking options.

Are There Any Rules You Need to Be Aware of with Cashback Sites?

Absolutely! For the most part, cashback should be considered a bonus, not a guarantee of money back. However, there are reputable cashback sites that do guarantee cashback. It may happen that analytics don’t work as expected and customers don’t get paid what they are due. This is unfortunate, but it is a reality that occurs from time to time. Experts recommend that shoppers see cashback as a bonus, and do not use the cashback option as the reason for making the purchases in the first place.

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Unless you’re working with a proven company, cashback is not yours until it is safely in your bank account. Many small-scale cashback websites fold after a short time in business, only to be replaced by several more. If this happens, you may not have any recourse. That’s why it’s always a good idea to work with a credible cashback service, and one that has a great reputation on an objective ratings platform such as TrustPilot with UK shoppers.

Save Money with Cashback

Another important rule about making money and saving money when you are trying to earn cashback for shopping is as follows: always withdrawal your cashback once you’ve met the minimum threshold requirements. Never use the cashback company’s system to store your money. Remember, it’s not a bank that earns interest on your money and it can easily close up shop forever. Get your money out ASAP. Remember cashback is possible through a variety of channels, including cashback credit cards, cashback store cards, cashback on purchases and so forth. Typically, you can expect between 3% and 5% cashback from major retailers and credit card companies.

When it comes to cashback, the golden rule is as follows: get the best deal on your purchase – the cashback is always just a percentage of what you paid overall. If you are going to overpay when you buy something, you’re not saving any money with the cashback anyway. A simple example will illustrate: let’s say you want to buy a television for £500 and you get 10% cashback on that. You’ll end up paying £450 for the TV. However, if that same TV is available at £350 with no cashback, you’ve just made a big mistake!

But Why Would Any Online Platform Pay You Cashback?

What’s in it for them? That’s a great question! Cashback sites are able to give money back to customers because customers have used their sites to make purchases through online retailers. The weight works is as follows: every time you log onto a cashback site and make a purchase through one of the supported/affiliated retailers listed on site, the cashback site will receive a commission for referring you, the paying customer.

Depending on the spread – the difference between the commission received by the cashback site and the cashback it pays out to the customer, the cashback site will generate profits. You can easily earn money for shopping if you pick a reputable cashback site. In the case of Boom25, this cashback site receives commission from all real money purchases made through its website. Every 25 th customer gets to enjoy the benefit of 10% cash back of their purchase.

Most the time, the systems work through affiliate links. Retailers can easily track traffic to their websites, and a whole bunch of analytics is available to determine how much was sold, where the traffic came from, and which affiliate to pay commissions to. Cashback sites are geared towards driving high traffic volume to e-commerce platforms – online retailers – and they get paid for this traffic when customers make purchases. Sometimes, cashback sites earn their revenues through sales (transactions), clicks, accepted applicants, apps etc. Many of the major retailers have established relationships with cashback sites, meaning that they can offer exciting promotions, promo codes, or even unique deals.

And there you have it a comprehensive guide on saving money when shopping online, getting cashback, and using the most credible cashback sites to your advantage.

Now You Qualify for Cashback on Purchases

At Boom25 you don’t have to worry about paying an annual fee, a registration fee, or paying more than the product or service is worth – you can earn money shopping online simply by being the 25 th customer to receive cashback. There is no need to sign up as an affiliate, to drive traffic to anybody else’s website and then collect incremental commissions. Simply go about your business as you would every day, and benefit from this free, credible and trusted service. Thanks to PayPal, the cash is yours to keep!

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