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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Getting Started with Boom - Do I need to open an account? How much will that cost?

    Yes, you need to open an account in order to use Boom25's website and it's free! You can set up an account just by entering your name, email address and chosen password. Then, you'll be able to access your personalised dashboard, where you’ll see all of your shopping activity, details of your winnings and any bonuses! If you need help, please contact us.

  • How Boom25 Works - How does Boom25 figure out who wins?

    Aha! We have a clever little algorithm which fairly picks the winner on every qualified 25th purchase (or fewer, depending on the offer’s odds). As soon as someone wins, we start counting again! Once a purchase is approved it’s entered into a draw of 1:25 - the lucky 25th purchase is the winner. When a winner is chosen, you’ll receive an email and play Spin the Wheel to see if you have won!

  • What are "cookies" and how do I enable them?

    Cookies are small pieces of information stored in your browser. We use them so that the store knows how much commission to pay us, and we know how much to pay you if you win! They’re probably enabled already but if they’re not, you can discover how to enable them on your browser at http://www.whatarecookies.com/enable.asp.  This is Boom25’s cookies list.

    Make sure to clear all cookies before entering Boom25. This way, once in our site, you can enable our cookies so your purchase can track without interference.

  • How does cashback on subscriptions work? What happens if I don’t want to pay for three months up front? Is there a pay-as-you-go option?

    Choose to pay-as-you-go and you’ll be entered only for the first month you pay for and no more than that, even if you keep using the service after. But if you pay for three months in a go - you're entered once to win the full three months cash back!

    With GlossyBox specifically, if you pay for the subscription cost upfront for the months you choose, that gets tracked on to Boom25 and you are entered into a draw to win back the entire subscription amount. If you choose to pay month by month, only the first month's cost is entered on Boom25 and you are entered in a draw for a chance to win that month’s payment back.

  • Logging In and Dashboard Issues - How come my order hasn’t come up on my Dashboard?

    Sometimes there are slight delays in orders due to tracking problems - meaning the order won’t show up on your Dashboard yet. This problem is usually due to the existence of cookies or add-ons from other sites on users' devices of which they are not aware, or the use of coupons and voucher codes. Did you make sure to clear your cookies before placing your order? It’s important to delete all cookies before you enter Boom25 and make your purchase. If you don’t, it’s possible that your transaction might be tracked to a different website you’ve used in the past and will not go through the Boom25 system.

    If you’ve already cleared your cookies and are still having troubles seeing your order on your Dashboard, please contact us.

  • Why am I having issues logging in?

    If you are having issues logging in to your account, please send us the email linked to your Boom25 account along with a screenshot of the error message received when attempting to log in.

  • Purchase Tracking-Related Issues - Help! Why aren’t my multiple transactions tracking?

    Firstly, since this isn't the first time this has happened we suggest you try making an order from a different device than the one you've been using until now. Sometimes users have all sorts of add-ons or configurations installed on their device which they are unaware of. This can prevent tracking on Boom25, so delete your cookies and start over!

  • Why hasn’t my Tesco shop or ASDA shop come up on my Dashboard?

    If you are a new customer to Tesco's or ASDA online, you’re for out 1:25 Boom25 prize draw - complete refund of your purchases. If you’re an existing Tesco’s or ASDA member, you’ll receive a £2 bonus when you shop through Boom25. For your £2 bonus, please check your ‘My Bonus’ section to review your bonus funds and purchases  - they won’t appear on your Dashboard.

  • How do I change my email address? What if I’ve forgotten my details and can’t login?

    Please send us your current email account and the address you would like to use instead, and we will update your account for you. Contact us here.

  • How do I make sure my purchases track properly?

    Please clear all your cookies before entering Boom25 and enable them once on our site to ensure all purchases will be properly tracked by our system.

  • Can’t I just tell you what I bought and you can put it through the system for me?

    Aha! This is called ‘manual tracking’. Unfortunately we cannot track any Tesco or ASDA Groceries orders in addition to Just Eat orders. We can attempt to manually track others but this varies depending on how cookies are enabled. Basically, before you shop, make sure to go through Boom25 so we can easily your orders and bonuses and promotions.

  • Cashback, Winnings and Payouts - How will I know if I’ve won?

    We’ll send you an email with an opportunity to Spin the Wheel, which will reveal who’s won the draw this time around!

  • Do I need a PayPal email address? Can you send my winnings to the bank?

    We only transfer winnings through PayPal - it’s extremely easy to set up an account if you don’t have one. Just head here and you’ll be ready in minutes! If you don’t want to make a PayPal account you are free to use a friend or family member’s, but just make sure it’s someone you trust. Unfortunately, we don’t send payments directly to a bank account.

  • Which PayPal email should I put in my account?

    You must put the email registered with PayPal into your Dashboard in order to receive payments. All PayPal accounts can be updated within the Dashboard from the ‘My Profile’ Section.

  • What name will I see on my PayPal transfer?

    Boom, it’s us, Boom25! We’ll be the name on your transfer statement - it’s that simple.

  • How do I withdraw my winnings?

    You can withdraw using PayPal and you will receive your money within 21 business days - although it’s often quicker.  We have an Instant Pay option coming soon, so stay tuned!

  • Why isn't my payment the same as what I’ve won?

    PayPal charges a fee to accept the money. As we’re a ‘goods and service’ and not friends and family (as much as we love you!) that’s just the general rule.

  • What is Boom25’s privacy policy?

    We take privacy and security very seriously. This is our privacy policy.

  • Is Boom25 going to sell information about me and what I’ve bought? Am I now going to get pummelled with spam?

    No. You can read our privacy policy here but the bottom line is that we don’t sell data. That’s not our game.

  • You’re going to give me my money back? Seriously? What’s the catch?

    No catch. Really, none! Every time someone makes a purchase through Boom25, we receive a commission from the store as an affiliate partner. We keep a little of that commission to pay for the business and collect the rest for our Boom 25 winners. The pooled cash funds are the pay out for every lucky 25th purchase. Whatever you bought, we’ll refund it. That’s it.

  • What do you mean by a “qualified purchase”?

    A qualified purchase is a sale that has been made through Boom25 from one of our retail partners’ websites. We will be notified by the retailer about a qualified purchase as long it is complete and can no longer be refunded or cancelled – we have to protect ourselves and our partner retailers from products being returned.

    So if the purchase has been refunded or cancelled, it’s disqualified and no longer eligible to win.

  • So when would I get the money?

    We send the money as soon as the store tells us that everything’s peachy. That can take a bit of time. Every store is different. We’ve found that some of our retail partners may be a bit slow with their processing and reporting but we always try to get the payment out as quickly as we can. As stores change their procedures, we also need to adjust our payment schedules.

  • How do I know this isn`t a scam?

    We’re registered in England and Wales, complying with stringent regulations under UK trading laws. As with any business, you’re protected by the law and we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service.

    With Boom25 you’ll buy a product from a store you know, you’ll receive it… and if you’re the 25th Boom25 shopper you'll win your money back. That’s all there is to it!

  • Referral Bonuses - How can I refer my friends? Do I get an REF bonus?

    All you need to do is log onto boom25.com and scroll down to Referral. There you can copy the link and pass it on to everyone you know, once their first purchase is approved you will receive a bonus for each of your referrals. You’ll be able to see your bonuses in the ‘My Bonus’ section of your account.

  • Deleting Your Account - How do I delete my Boom25 account?

    Please note that holding an account on Boom25 is absolutely free. In addition, we don't hold any sensitive information on our users, therefore, there's no harm in keeping hold of your account, just in case. If you do wish to delete the account, please send an email to customer support with the email linked to your Boom25 account and state you would like the account to be deleted - this is for GDPR-related reasons. By deleting your account, you’ll no longer be eligible for our awesome offers and promotions.

  • Customer Support

    If you were unable to find an asnwer to your questions in our FAQ's please feel free to  contact us. Please allow minimum 2-5 business days for a response. 

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Please be advised that our Customer Service department requires a minimum of 48 hours to reply to messages specifically during weekends from Friday afternoon to Sunday when we are closed.
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