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About Boom25

The idea for Boom25 came to Giora Mandel well, boom, just like that! Mandel wanted to add a little thrill and excitement to online shopping. Sure, online you can get the best deals, the cheapest prices and the fastest deliveries - but why stop there?

With Boom25 every purchase that shoppers make has the opportunity to be refunded - in full - BOOM, just like that! Boom25 is partnered with an amazing selection of retailers, from M&S to Boots to Tesco’s and Miss Selfridges, it’s easy to turn any shop into a Boom25 shop. And the odds are truly in your favour… every 25th shopper is a winner and with special promos on the regular, sometimes your odds are as good as 1:10 or lower!

So, the only question you need to ask yourself is - BOOM, what are you waiting for?

 Start booming! 



About the Team

Shay Kovatch - CTO

The big man up top. He keeps us all in order, we call him the Boom Master - without him, there’d be no Booming around at all.


Shay Tal Gerby - Full Stack Developer

Shay knows Boom from top to bottom. It’s not just his job but his passion that allows Shay to keep Boom25 running smoothly as milk chocolate - and who doesn’t like milk chocolate?


Michelle Matthews - Full Stack Developer

Michelle might just be a Boomaholic and she’s a computer know-it-all. She keeps all things techy in such great shape - we can’t keep up.


David Reilly - Business Development Manager

Booming isn’t just about fun (though that’s about 98% of it) and someone has to do all the legwork. That’s why we’ve got Dave, he’s business, business, Boom, business, business. He pulls it off somehow.


Nina Bella - Operations Manager

Nina runs a tight ship at Boom25. She dots her i’s, she crosses her t’s and she makes everyone else does so, too. We’re boom-tastic thanks to her!


Andy Anderson -  Community Manager

At Boom25, we’re all about staying social and building a booming community (see what we did there?). Andy is Boom’s social butterfly and he’s got us covered on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Tina Chambers - Account Manager

Tina loves booming and she loves people. That’s what makes her a great Account Manager. Plus, sometimes she brings us cookies and we think cookies are boomtastic!


Lee Hoss - Account Manager

Lee is like a sponge for information. She’s not actually sponge-shaped, but she remembers everything about every one of our Boom25 clients. We’d be lost without her (plus, how would we do the dishes?).


Tosh McClintock - Head of Design

Fairing all the way from Falkirk, Scotland, Tosh keeps Boom25 looking new and fresh. Sometimes we can’t understand a word he says, but he’s a designer, so we get by alright.


Yvonne Turner - Product Analyst

We pride ourselves in our service, which is why we’ve hired the best of the best, Yvonne, to make sure we’re doing all we can to Boom - make online shopping great again.


Dana Richards - Customer Support Representative

Dana loves Boom because she loves seeing people get their money back. She’s like Boom25’s Oprah - you have an issue, complaint or need some assistance, she’s your lady.



BOOM25 (UK) LIMITED. Registered in England and Wales, registration number 10539194. Registered office address: Suite 1, 3rd Floor 11-12 St. James’s Square London SW1Y 4LB Data Protection registration ZA251635
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